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The peninsula of Methana is situated  between the islands of  the Saronic Gulf, Aegina and Poros and the distance from the port of Piraeus is 28 navy miles. A narrow piece of land connects it with Peloponnese, allowing the access from land. The unique physical environment and the mild climate is due to the volcanic activity. Rough and rocky, green in some parts, with natural bays and clean waters for swimming and fishing, is ideal to those who adore the untouched nature.

The thermal springs are well-known for its healing features.

 The visitors could see the crater of the volcano near the small village of Kameni Chora, the ruins of the ancient acropolis at Vathy, many charming chapels of the byzantine and postbyzantine times which are scattered around the peninsula. They could also explore and enjoy the landscape by walking through the paths.

Staying in Methana gives you the possibility to make one day trips to nearby places, such as Troezen, Poros, Epidaurus, Nauplion.




Ten Kilometres far away from Methana is the village of Troezen. One can visit the  ruins  of  the  ancient city ,which are scattered around in the fertile land, and   can also swimm in the cool waters of the river.



The island of the Saronic Gulf with the traditional settlement .


The theatre is considered to be the best-constructed from the whole of antiquity for its elegance, the harmony of its proportions and its acoustics. The Festival of Epidaurus is very famous.


The picturesque city  is well-Known for its historical momuments  and  the  medieval  castles.